Obama declares national emergency

October 24, 2009

Now the fiasco begins in earnest…


Given current population figures 0.000073% of the world’s population has died from swine flu.  Even for argument’s sake if all those deaths occurred in the USA that would still only represent 0.0016% of the American population.  That’s some emergency!

The World Health Organisation states between 250,000 and 500,000 people worldwide die annually from seasonal flu. 

According to the WHO’s latest update around 5000 people worldwide have died from H1N1.  Six months into the Level 6 “pandemic”  we’re experiencing a mere one to two percent of usual deaths.  Ok, we still have six months before  the comparison is fair but death rates would have to increase fifty to a hundred fold to even match the usual figures!  That certainly gives us some leeway before the need to declare a national emergency.

My next line of thought was to look at the actual number of  H1N1 deaths in the US and work that out as a percentage of population.  A simple task – IF YOU CAN ACCESS THE FIGURES!  Half an hour at the Centre for Diseases Control website and I still couldn’t find them!  There were lots of very dramatic surveillance reports giving weekly comparisons of hospitalizations and doctors’ visits but no clear cumulative figure of H1N1 fatalities.  What are they trying to hide?  How few people have died from the bloody flu?

The only figures I could find were 411 deaths with laboratory confirmed influenza and 2416 deaths from  Influenza and Pneumonia Syndrome.  But these figures include deaths both 2009 H1N1 and the seasonal flu.  Even so, that’s between a mere 0.00013% and 0.00078% of the population who have died from influenza.  As I said, that’s one hell of a national emergency!

How stupid do they think we are?  No, let’s rephrase that.  How stupid are we that we can allow ourselves to be sucked into this fear without forming a few simple critical questions.


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