Who do you trust for information on the swine flu vaccine?

October 29, 2009

Failing the lack of an “upload button” for the 500 plus hours of research I’ve put into the swine flu issue over the past six months I’d like to introduce you to  The Flu Case, a site run by Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian journalist who has kept a close eye on the swine flu since it emerged back in April.

She has catalogued a vast amount of information, everything from the mainstream to the radical.

I continue to use her site on a regular basis as one of my starting points for research.  Some of her posts may seem alarmist and outrageous, particularly if you are new to the issue.   Yet, I’ve been shocked to find, time and time again, the most damning evidence to support these claims can often be ferreted out from official sources.

However, you should never trust any single source. 

There are numerous other vaccine critics, some of whom I beginning to add to my links section.  Or simply google or search on YouTube for swine flu vaccine side effects/dangers/hoax etc.  There is a plethora of criticism about this vaccination program.

A simple google news search is a another good starting point.  Remember you can limit it by date, country etc.

I’d also highly recommend taking a look at the pro-vaccine information available from The World Health Organization, Centre of Diseases Control, Health Emergency here in Australia, the relevant pharmaceutical company’s swine flu vaccine product information, flu vaccine studies and government immunisation program sites.  Apply a little critical thinking to  these sources and it will go a long way.

With so much conflicting information it can be difficult to evaluate the evidence.  It’s easy to present a plausible argument for or against an issue particularly if you isolate it from its context.  To effectively evaluate information you need to put it in context by gaining an understanding of the back story. 

Add the history of the pharmaceutical industry and medical politics to the picture and the pro-vaccination argument starts to look very shaky.  There countless sites with information on the internet.  If you are sceptical and want something a little more credibility there are dozens of books on medical and pharmaceutical politics – check out amazon.com.  A couple of my favourites are even a couple written by past editors of prestigious medical journals who are scathingly critical of the lack of good science in medical studies, pharmaceutical corruption and its infiltration of medicine and regulatory agencies. 

Add that to the whistleblowers, the past drug failures and scandals,  over 300,000 court cases, the active suppression of alternatives through legal action, regulation and de-registration of dissenters, and the deep politics behind the establishment of the World Health Organisation and the UN and you’ll begin to realise the critics are not “crackpots” and “conspiracy theorists” they’re just people who have taken the time to find out what is really going on.

If you head down that path be prepared to be disturbed not only by the corruption you’ll uncover but also the lack of transparency, misinformation and spin from what any reasonable person would have considered credible sources.


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