CFR suggests creating scarcity will have us queuing for the jab

November 7, 2009

Take a look at this video clip which includes extracts from the Council on Foreign Relations Symposium on Pandemic Influenza.

They make a few revealing admissions:

  • Swine flu is not dangerous as it is missing the molecular signature of the 1918, 1957 and 1968 influenza outbreaks.
  • They would prefer to mandate the vaccine  for health workers.
  • There is more than enough vaccine for everyone but generating fears about scarcity will increase the uptake (“have them lining up all night”).
  • People who oppose the vaccine are “crazy people” sprouting “pure lunacy”.
  • The most revealing point of all is that they are laughing at us:  both those chosing to take the vaccine and those of us opposing it.  There seems to be a general consensus that the public is a mindless malleable mass.

Unfortunately to some degree they are right on that point as the entire fabric of our society is designed to keep us that way, propoganda being just one of the tools.  Communist and fascist regimes are renowned for their overt control through propaganda:  do as we say for the good of the nation.  However capitalist propoganda is much more sophisticated: we are manipulated into wanting, even demanding,  what the government and corporations want us to do.  They want us to take the vaccine,  they’ll create scarcity and have us queuing for it.  They want to censor the internet, they’ll create a scare and have us demanding it.   It’s brilliant in its simplicity and highly effective.  If you doubt me please watch The Century of Self.

However, I’ve found it enormously encouraging to see how many people are actually using their common sense, instinct and intelligence to counteract the daily bombardment of this corporate and government spin, which is again evident in the street interviews in this clip.

I had doubts about the authenticity of the above clip, given there were no visuals.  However it passes muster.  Here is another one with visuals which includes links to the orignal full-length version (in the YouTube side bar) if you are interested. 

In this one you’ll hear them admitting the need to use “psychology”, “communications strategies” and “sound bytes” (propaganda) to counteract the “pure lunacy” of those opposing the vaccine.

Can I suggest you do some research on the CFR.  You’ll see it is instrumental in the push for globalisation, which essentially benefits major corporations at the expense of individuals.  There’s much more but that’s it in “sound byte”.


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