If you only watch one documentary make it this one!

November 7, 2009

By sheer fluke Adam Curtis’ documentary Century of Self was one of first things I came across after rejecting TV.   In hindsight I couldn’t have found a more perfect introduction to how our world really operates.

If you think you are making informed choices and above manipulation think again. 

Curtis shows us how Sigmund Freud’s theory on how human beings are driven by our basest of fears and desires has been used for almost a century by governments and corporations to manipulate us into acquiesce and control the masses. 

Chilling and fascinating viewing.

Century of Self

Episode One:  Happiness Machines

Episode Two:  The engineering of consent

Episode Three:  There’s a policeman inside all our heads: he must be destroyed

Episode Four:  Eight people sipping wine in Kettering

I can’t recommend it highly enough as it’s essential background to most of what I post here.


One Response to “If you only watch one documentary make it this one!”

  1. […]  Unfortunately to some degree they are right on that point as the entire fabric of our society is designed to keep us that way, propoganda being just one of the tools.  Communist and fascist regimes are renowned for their overt control through propaganda:  do as we say for the good of the nation.  However capitalist propoganda is much more sophisticated: we are manipulated into wanting, even demanding,  what the government and corporations want us to do.  They want us to take the vaccine,  they’ll create scarcity and have us queuing for it.  They want to censor the internet, they’ll create a scare and have us demanding it.   It’s brilliant in its simplicity and highly effective.  If you doubt me please watch The Century of Self. […]

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