In April 2009 disgusted by what appeared to be an orchestrated attempt to dumb us down with increasing inane programs, misinformation and spin I turned off the TV and made a commitment to find out what was really going on in the world.

What I found was both shocking and liberating.

The timing happened to coincide with the emergence of the swine flu so it was an obvious place to start.  I’ve since put hundreds of hours research into the issue, evaluating both official and alternative sources.  Interestingly some of the most indicting information has come from official sources. 

Six months later it seems such a pity to have ‘lost’ the opportunity to catalogue some interesting finds from that research.   This blog is a belated attempt to keep track of those finds, from today at least. 

The search – as is the case if your mind is open and you’re not constrained by syllabus or discipline – has broadened into many interconnecting areas.  This search for spin-free information has been incredible, exhilarating, frightening and infuriating.

The quest continues…for as long as the internet remains free.

And by the way, my conclusion after 600 hours of research:  I WONT’ BE  TAKING THE VACCINE!


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Note:  This page is due for an update as it fails to reflect an interest in medical politics that spans more than two decades.


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